Donic Desto F2

Donic Desto F2
DONIC DESTO F2 has even more control at very high speed resulting from in-built speed glueing effect. 
DESTO F2 is the bridge between DESTO F1 and DESTO F3, giving great control at high speed.
F2 is soft, has a good feel and the full sound of speed glueing.
It produces far more speed than the traditional spin elastic rubbers, and the F3.
It is, however, slower than F1. The DESTO F2 is soft and full of feeling, it has the speed glueing kick and
of course, the excitement at play of the FORMULA DONIC technology.
We recommend DONIC DESTO F2 for the following players: It is for the player who in the past has used
the traditional spin elasticated rubber, but is searching for more playing fun and more speed and spin,
but without the use of speed glue. Players who find the DESTO F3 a little too slow, but find the DESTO F1
just a little too fast will discover that the DESTO F2 will give that extra edge to all aspects of their game
that they have been searching for.
Not recommended for speed glueing.
Speed: 10, Spin: 9, Control: 6

Price: $45.00


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