IPONG Training Buddy

IPONG Training Buddy

Are you sick of playing against the wall, the playback

positioning just not cutting it?

Try the ALL NEW iPong® Table Tennis Training Buddy!

Featuring 3 different types of spin. Easily adjust between

underspin, topspin, and heavy topspin settings. Also,

increase or decrease the frequency of balls from easy to

advanced. The robot will continuously shoot over 100 balls

before a reload!

Can't find anyone to play table tennis with when you want to

play? iPong® is the solution for you! With a sleek patent

pending design, it will be the centerpiece of your


Take better advantage of your table tennis table! Play

anytime now since you don’t need to wait for someone to

hit against. Just setup the iPong® you are set for hours of

fun! iPong® can solve those lame unrealistic bounces that

come off the table in the playback position by giving you

true and consistent shots.

This is the must have for every table tennis table owner!


No need to wait around for a partner - the iPong table tennis training buddy is always ready to play. This cool table tennis accessory features three different spins; it can be set to underspin, topspin, or heavy topspin to help you improve your game.
Its Lightweight and very easy to set up in less than 45 seconds.
Net not included but will be available in February,simple clip on style for around $80-$90.00
Exclusive to Table Tennis World, its on display in our Caringbah showroom which has finally had a reorganisation featuring over 200 blades.
Its a proven fact that a training robot will enhance your table tennis technique in a very short time.

Price: $225.00

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Review submitted by Bill Brown on 08/05/2010

Our Noosa club purchased one of these (or paul loaned it to us?) and i have had the benefit of practicing with it or a few weeks so thought id write a short review.
1. It looks like a vase and is not an unattractive or bulky piece to have sitting around...looks pretty cool actually
2.Very easy to set up and use although i tend to have it sitting on something just back from the table rather than on the table.
3.It can do chop, topspin and heavy top spin although its not heavy in any of the three in reality but you can certainly tell they are different
4. I have dropped the thing 3 times and its still working so is robust enough ALTHOUGH before it was dropped, the plug where you connect the power came out of its position as i think it was lightly glued in or something. I can not get it back to the spot and have connected it internally so doesnt look as great now. This happened when i puled it out and moved the unit...that was it.
5. You can vary the speed at which the balls come out
6. Does it do the job? HELL YES !!!!

SUMMARY : Its cheap, very easy to use and operate and will have your game, and fitness, improving dramatically in a very short time i can assure you especially with paul's excellent tips. Have no idea on warranty issues but assuming that is ok i wouldnt hesitate to buy one of these instead of a massive ugly bulky and expensive thing

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