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Nittaku Hammond Pro
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Nittaku Hammond Pro

Nittaku Hammond Pro Alpha:  A tackier version of Hammond, this fast rubber is often
used by World #1 Wang Liqin on his Stiga Offensive Classic.
Nearly all rubbers are made up of a combination of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
Usually most of the mix is natural rubber (probably around 60%).
Nittaku Hammond Pro Alpha is the exception. 60% of the Hammond Pro Alpha is synthetic rubber,
the inverse of normal rubbers. The theory behind this is increased durability and speed since
synthetic rubber can be made thicker than natural rubber. Most sponges on rubbers are exactly that;
just sponge. On the Hammond Pro Alpha, the sponge is comprised of 50% synthetic rubber,
thus adding more propulsion and speed to the rubber layer.
Speed: 11, Spin: 8, Control: 8
Sponge thickness: 2.0mm, 2.2mm
Rubber weight: 43g
Speed Glueing: Optional

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