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Dymax-TT Zenturio Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade
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Dymax-TT Zenturio Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

Highly innovative table tennis blade of premium-quality, manufactured at the highest state of the art using German raw materials. The DYMAX Zenturio sets new standards with regards to speed and control. The patent pending racket comes with a newly developed and unique antishock system which consists of a special cushioning in the handle. The vibrations of the racket blade are being absorbed using a specially engineered material Made in Germany. Along with a copper insert that is unique in the world, the blade offers optimal use of the sweet spot and an all-time level of control.

The topspin play over-the-table and at a mid-distance can be very easily controlled at a higher punch.

Conventional fabric linings shortly influence the bounce of the ball negatively, e.g. due to humidity (sweat). On the other hand, the DYMAX Zenturio blades have a stable and constant bounce of the ball over a long period – thanks to the copper insert, as copper hardly reacts with humidity. The Zenturio blades are equipped with Hinoki face veneers, the core and middle veneers are medium resp. medium-hard – depending on the speed level.

See for yourself and go for this exceptional and luxurious table tennis blade, produced with German raw materials and outstanding German technology!

Blade Characteristics
Speed 106
Control 85
Hardness 92
Weight 90g

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