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Spinmax Red Aqua Rubber Cleaner

Spinmax Red Aqua Rubber Cleaner
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Spinmax Red Aqua Rubber Cleaner

Spinmax is different from many other cleaners since has been purposely and specifically formulated for use on table tennis rubber. It's most outstanding feature is its ability to enhance the non-slip surface characteristics of table tennis rubber. Spinmax increases the friction coefficient quite considerably, restoring a rubber to it's condition when you first took it out of it's packet, bringing back it's control and spin generation abilities. No other cleaner can claim this! 


  • It will not accelerate deterioration of the rubber or sponge.
  • It will not attract extra dust.
  • It will not glaze or harden the rubber.             


NB: due to the nature of the product only Spin max Aqua can be shipped by Mail , Please contact us by email for more information in this regard.


Spinmax can also prolong the lifespan of a rubber! Rubber life can typically be judged by three main factors: Elasticity, Resilience and Friction. Obviously tension and flexibility of a rubber decrease through wear and tear - this can't be stopped, but SPINMAX helps to keep the original friction (spin effect) during this normal lifespan and can even maximise it. This is certainly the bat cleaner with a difference.These factors are indicatively illustrated below:


Age of
Normal Rubber Life Spinmax Rubber Life
Elasticity Resilience Friction Elasticity Resilience Friction
NEW Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
1 WEEK Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Excellent
1 MONTH Good Good Good Good Good Excellent
3 MONTHS Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Excellent
6 MONTHS Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Excellent
12 MONTHS Very Poor Very Poor Very Poor Very Poor Very Poor Excellent

Spinmax does not replace the need for new rubber. It simply maximises the friction capability throughout the table tennis bat rubber's life. It is recommended you replace your table tennis bat rubber at the frequency you would normally maintain.



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