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OUKEI TW 2700-ES9 Double Headed Robot

OUKEI TW 2700-ES9 Double Headed Robot
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Brand: Oukei
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OUKEI TW 2700-ES9 Double Headed Robot

The Oukei TW-2700-ES9 is our top of the line model of table tennis robots.

Varying intensity of spin, from mild to powerful, are provided to accommodate training for all levels of players.

It’s dual head design allows for more combinations of programs and serves.

Topspins and backspins can be set within the same combination for a realistic simulation of a rally.

Choose from a mixture of 18 different landing points and 9 types of spin, along with over 10 built-in programs!

Robot Characteristics
Wheels / Head
Serve Frequency
Serve Speed
Serve Loop
Serve Short / Long
Pre-set Programs
User Programs

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