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Oukei Robot TW 2700-G8 Robot

Oukei Robot TW 2700-G8 Robot
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Brand: Oukei
Product Code: OukTW2700-G8
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Oukei Robot TW 2700-G8 Robot

This is this latest version/model of the Oukei Robot:

  • The machine has a MEMORY function. It can record inputted programs and remember them so next time you use the robot it will still be there.
  • "Random" ball shooting function.
  • Spare rubber wheels.
  • Uses "Double Spin Technology" to serve a "straight ball" (in other words, NO spin) as well as top spin, back spin, side spin and programmable spins. Normally these functions cannot be performed by a single spin machine.
  • Recycles balls automatically. Back-net at table as well as ball scoop net for balls on floor included. There are 9 different falling positions on the table. By pressing right or left button on the control panel, you can easily select where the ball lands and its trajectory angle.
  • The machine has 3 modes: 1) Automatic (random, left and right placements), 2) Regular Mode (fixed falling point) and 3) Self-mode programmed by the user.
  • Includes 144 Quality Double Fish 1 Star Hard Training balls which is a necessity for a robot as the soft training balls on the market are useless for proper training.
  • For more information talk to the expert Paul Pinkewich who has spent time at the Oukei factory who can advise you what direction to take and in the event of a problem can advise you of the preventative steps to take to have a troublesome free time with your robot.
Robot Characteristics
Wheels / Head
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