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TTW Practice Partner 100 Double Head Robot - New Edition

TTW Practice Partner 100 Double Head Robot - New Edition
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Brand: Y & T China
Product Code: TTWPPS27T100
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TTW Practice Partner 100 Double Head Robot - New Edition

A Dual Head Robot that can do just about everything.

Short no spin then long topspin to the back side and then a heavy topspin to the forehand side and then a short no spin ball etc etc ,personalise your own customised programme to give you that extra confidence in game situations that are hard to get practise with.

30 Preset programmes is probably more than enough and the ability to customise to your own designed programme gives this beautifully built robot the edge over all robots over the last 10 years.

Its practical, return net and silent running make this the ultimate trainer.


Don't wait 6 weeks for delivery, stock available now of all robots.Talk to Australia's most successful table tennis player who can explain the real issues with these robots as Paul has recently become a partner with Y & T and the back up service is assured. 






Main Specification

Ball Spin

Each head has 9 different spins

Serve Frequency

25 – 80 balls / minute

Serve Speed

4 – 50 meters/second

Serve Loop

Each head is adjustable seperatley with a range of 0 to 40 degrees.

Various Serve Sequence

9 programmable and storable sequences

30 preset sequences

Total Ball Counts

Program from 1 to 999 balls for a sequence.


Program for 1 to 180 minutes.


Digital Display

Robot Characteristics
Heads 2
Wheels / Head 2
Serve Frequency
Serve Speed
Serve Loop
Serve Short / Long
Pre-set Programs
User Programs

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