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TTW Practice Partner 60 Robot - New Edition

TTW Practice Partner 60 Robot - New Edition
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Brand: Y & T China
Product Code: TTWPP60E2
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TTW Practice Partner 60 Robot - New Edition

The Practice Parter 60 is in stock for immediate delivery PRACTICE PARTNER 60 NEW EDITION TABLE TENNIS ROBOT Great for home, school and club use Adjust robot head to apply top, back or side spin to the ball Produces all spin and float combinations Simple to use Robust casing for durability Stand with 4 wheels for easy movement Oscillation Ball holder and recycling system Remote control facility with self programming Double spin wheel for a wider variation of spins 25-95 balls per minute Variable ball positions can be achieved as well as head oscillation Includes collection net 1-Year Warranty .Serve Loop0-40 degrees Serve Style11 positions across the table Long and Short Ball Other FunctionsAdjustable Selection of ball quantity
Digital Display Mode

This is the one that is the biggest selling and most popular robot in Australia,just ask the legend himself Paul Pinkewich for what all these robots can and cannot do as he studies the mechanics everytime he visits China.

Paul has been selling these robots for 30 years and is the most experienced person to advise you and what to watch out for regarding looking after your machine.  Also Paul can fix your robot if you have any issues.

Robot Characteristics
Heads 1
Wheels / Head 2
Serve Frequency
Serve Speed
Serve Loop
Serve Short / Long
Pre-set Programs
User Programs

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