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TTW Asgard 30RO Polymer Concrete Outdoor Table Tennis Table

TTW Asgard 30RO Polymer Concrete Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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TTW Asgard 30RO Polymer Concrete Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Our TTW Asgard 30RO Polymer Concrete Table is ideal for council parks, hospital grounds, schools or other public places.  Because of the rounded corners, there is a reduced risk of serious injury from collisions with the corners as compared to tables that have the traditional square corners.   They have been in use for over 30 years in other countries.

Important information at a glance:
  • Material: polymer concrete
  • Precise fine layered playing surfacewithout pores
  • UV- and frost resistant material assures a high quality wear and tear less and durable playing surface
  • Polymer concrete can be recycled
  • 10 year warranty
  • Certified according to DIN EN 15312 Free access multi-sports equipment
Non-glare playing surface

The new non-glare playing surface of the Maillith table tennis top provides fun even in intense sunshine. The matte surface of the table prevents annoying light reflections and the players always have an excellent view of the table tennis ball.

Almost 4-times greater stability than a concrete table tennis table

Table tennis tables made of polymer concrete consist of mineral fillers bonded by polyester resin. The mass is poured into a mould and then compacted. Our polymer concrete has been measured with almost 4 times greater stability than conventional concrete. As a result, our table tennis tables are as sturdy as a 4-times thick concrete table tennis table.

Choosing where to put the weather-proof / all-weather table tennis table

Our products are basically intended for stationary, permanent assembly; however their modular design facilitates rapid assembly and disassembly. Therefore, you can change the location of the table tennis table, or transport the individual parts to hard-to-reach locations in order to fit the table there.

  • The substrate must be firm. Paving stones or asphalt are ideal. But four exposed aggregate concrete panels are also acceptable. 

    Can I place the table table anywhere? / Which substrate is required for the table tennis table?

    As a foundation, 4 exposed aggregate concrete slabs right under the legs are sufficient. However, a consistently firm substrate like a pavement or asphalt is of course better.

  • You need a floor area of approx. 10 m x 5 m. The classic table tennis table measures 274 x 152 x 76 cm. The rule of thumb says 3 metres behind the table and 2 metres on the sides should be left free, thus leaving you enough clearance around the table.

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Table Characteristics
Dimensions (Playing Position - L x W x H) 274cm x 152.5cm x 76cm
ITTF Approved No
Top Thickness 30mm
Top Surface Polymer Concrete
Wheel Size N/A
Lock Wheels N/A
Playback Position No

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